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Member Data Available To Registered Clients

The following data is available once you register with OCS BBS.

Lease Data

  • Lease Data
  • Lease Polygons
  • Lease Production
  • Lease Owners
  • Lease Owner History
  • Lease Operating Rights

Company Data

  • Company Merger, Acquisition & Affiliations
  • Company News Articles
  • Company Qual Card
  • Company Operating Rights
  • Company Net Lease Production
  • Company Platform Data
  • Company Pending Assignments
  • Company Well Data

Offshore Block Data

  • Block Polygons
  • Area/Block Production
  • Multi-Block Activity

Field Data

  • Field Data by Lease, Owners & Operators

Pipeline Data

  • Pipeline Data

Platform Data

  • Platform Data

Production Data

  • Block, Lease & Well Production

Prospect Data

  • Prospect Names, Blocks, & Owners

Well Data

  • Well Data
  • Well Completion
  • Releasable Well Logs
  • Well Directional Surveys
  • Well Production
  • Well Tests

Lease Documents

  • Lease File Documents

Scanned Images

  • Non-Required Filings
  • Unit Agreement Images
  • Well File Documents
  • G & G Scanned Permits

Financial Assurance Reports

  • Liens
  • Mortgages
  • Overrides
  • Pending Assignments
  • and much more

Other Data Available

  • Applications To Drill
  • Bid History
  • Documents Database
  • Pending Assignments
  • Recently Approv. Ass.
  • Paleontology Data
  • Plans of Expl. (POE's)
  • Weekly Activity Fax
  • Regional Reports
  • OOSA Rig Reports
  • Velocity Surveys

Offshore Well Operations Report Includes

  • Acidize
  • Additional Fluid Injection
  • Artifical Lift
  • Casing Pressure Repair
  • Change Tubing
  • Change Well Name
  • Change Zone
  • Initial Completion
  • Initial Injection Well
  • Jet Well
  • Modify Perforations
  • Permanent Abandonment
  • Plugback To Sidetrack
  • Plugback To Bypass
  • Reperforation
  • Site Clearance
  • Surface Location Plat
  • Temporary Abandonment
  • Wash/Desand Well

Pipeline Permits to Track

  • Departure Requests
  • Lease Term Decommission
  • Lease Term Application
  • Lease Term Modification
  • ROW Application
  • ROW Relinquishment
  • ROW Modification
  • ROW Temporary Cessation
  • Reactivation
  • Lease Term Route Modification
  • ROW Route Modification
  • and more

Platform Decommission

  • All platforms abandoned, but not yet removed

OCS BBS Web Mail OCS BBS Web Mail

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Safety Alerts issued by BSEE

Safety Alerts are posted by the BSEE to inform the offshore oil and gas industry of the circumstances surrounding an accident or a near miss. They also contain recommendations that should help prevent the recurrence of such an incident on the OCS.

Please Note: All documents open in a new window or tab.

BSEE Safety Alerts issued by Gulf of Mexico OCS Region

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